Avant STAMP for ASL is a first-of-its-kind American Sign Language test. ASL learners will be evaluated first on the Receptive skill (comprehension of signed ASL videos) and after that on the Expressive skill (production of signed ASL). This computer-adaptive Sign Language test is conducted entirely online.

The test is computer-adaptive, meaning that as you progress through the test, the questions for the Receptive skill section will challenge you according to your skill level. Each test taker will follow a unique path as they move through the test. This gives you a more accurate assessment of your proficiency.

Getting Ready for the Assessment​

  1. Take a Sample Test to experience the types of questions and the assessment flow. You will NOT receive a score or experience the computer-adaptive technology.
  2. Review all Rules for Taking an Avant Test.

Beginning the Assessment

  1. Your teacher or proctor will help you to log in.
  2. After that, you will complete a profile.
  3. To start testing, you will have to read and agree to the Test Taker Guidelines (learn more about Rules for Taking an Avant Test):

4. You will then enter a Dashboard to begin testing. The Receptive skill section (comprehension of signed ASL videos) must be completed before the Expressive skill section (production of signed ASL).

Take a Sample Test to familiarize yourself with the layout of the test.

The following browser functions are disabled while taking the test: 

  • Right-click, back button, copy/paste. 
  • Off-page clicking is not allowed. Clicking outside the test will log you out. You will need a proctor’s assistance to log back in to continue the test.

At the beginning of each section you will see:

  • Instructions. Please read them carefully.
  • Practice question/prompt. Do not spend too much time on this question. This is only a PRACTICE question/prompt, it does not count in the final score.
ASL Receptive screenshot.

After answering each question, click the NEXT button on the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down, if necessary. After clicking the NEXT button, you will not be able to go back.

Receptive Section (comprehension of signed ASL videos)

Number of Questions: approximately 30 questions

Average Time: 35-40 minutes clock icon.

  • Read the situation that sets the scene.
  • Read the question and possible answers.  
  • Click the play button to view the video. You can watch each video two (2) times for each question. After two attempts, the video will become inactive.
  • Answer the question.
  • Click the NEXT button, in the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down, if necessary. After clicking the NEXT button, you will not be able to go back.

Expressive Section (production of signed ASL)

The Receptive skill section must be completed before the Expressive skill section.

Number of Prompts: Three (3) prompts

Recording Time Limit: Three (3) minutes for each response

Average Time: 20-25 minutes clock icon.

  • Read the entire prompt first. 
  • Record your response when you are ready to respond:
    • Click the button Turn my camera ON.
    • Click the recording button to begin recording.
  • Click the button to stop recording.
  • Click the play button to watch your recording. If needed, click the button to rerecord.
  • Click NEXT to submit the response and move to the next screen. After clicking NEXT, you will not be able to go back.
ASL Expressive Section start.

Expressive Skill Section Tips and Strategies:

  • We will evaluate ASL skills including clarity and accuracy of sign production, fluency or smoothness of sign and fingerspelling production, and use of ASL grammar in sentences.
  • We highly encourage the use of ASL signing order, avoiding English word order, including using mouthings of every English word. Use non-manual signals including mouth morphemes in ASL signing order, that’s one part of ASL grammar.
  • Examples of ASL grammar are the use of space, eye gazes, directionality signs, use of different types of classifiers, time indicators, non-manual signals, mouth morphemes, discourse structure, and sentence structure.
  • Please try to maintain a good “signing posture” that is to sit upright and face the camera. This will help you show your best ASL skills. Try not to have your face out of the camera and sign out of the screen.
  • Please pick a location that doesn’t interfere with your video quality. For example, don’t sit behind a window, a bright light behind you, or a noisy background with people walking behind you. Pick a neutral and solid background.
  • Please no face masks, sunglasses, hats, or long hair bands over the eyes to block non-manual signals.
  • Please don’t use an introduction or greetings to begin the video. This doesn’t answer the question/prompt. Answer the questions as completely as possible in ASL.

Resuming the Assessment

If you get logged out, log back in with the same Test Code, Password, and Login Name. The test will take you to the section where you left off. Contact your proctor or teacher for help:

  • Click Continue Test after entering the Test Code and Password.
  • Re-enter your Login Name exactly as you did the first time.

Finish all sections of the test until the test is completed (unless otherwise directed).

Completing the Assessment

When you have completed the test, you will see the “Congratulations! You have completed the test!” message. You must finish the test within 90 days of starting it.

Getting Assessment Results

Test results are delivered to the testing administrator after test completion. Test takers should contact their testing administrator to receive test results.