Teacher Certification

Avant has been at the forefront of language assessment for years. Paired with vetted language credentials like the Global Seal of Biliteracy, our assessments can revolutionize how language teachers are recruited, certified, and evaluated.

The Illinois State Board of Education is leading the way by exempting new teachers receiving the Global Seal of Biliteracy’s Working Fluency or higher from the language proficiency test required for a bilingual education or world language endorsement in the same language. 

Global Seal of Working Language Fluency in English and French.

Avant STAMP tests are eligible for the Global Seal’s Working Fluency credential. 

Simplify Teacher Recruitment and Certification

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The foundation of any successful language program lies in the quality of its educators. To ensure excellence in language education, language teachers themselves must possess a high level of proficiency.

Our assessments provide clear, objective evidence of a teacher’s language proficiency, eliminating the need for time-consuming interviews and trial classes. Whether you’re hiring a new teacher or certifying an existing one, Avant’s assessments serve as a reliable benchmark for language proficiency, ensuring that only the most qualified educators join your team.

Greater Access, Equity, and Diversity

Avant is committed to supporting equity, access, and diversity in language education.

Our assessments are designed to recognize proficiency in a wide range of languages. This opens up opportunities for educators from diverse linguistic backgrounds to become certified language teachers. By doing so, we empower educational institutions to offer a more inclusive and culturally rich language curriculum.

Avant’s assessments can be administered with proctoring online, breaking down geographical barriers. This means that educators from remote areas or underrepresented communities can now access certification opportunities, contributing to a more equitable education landscape.

Streamline Vetting Processes with Credentials

Navigating the credentialing process can be a daunting task for both educators and institutions. Avant simplifies this process by certifying with vetted, recognized language credentials.

Our assessments come with a STAMP of approval from language experts and educators worldwide. This endorsement makes the certification process smoother, as institutions can trust in the reliability and validity of our assessments.

With our assessments, institutions can quickly and efficiently certify their language teachers, allowing them to focus more on what truly matters – teaching.

Recruit effectively. Certify proficiency with credentials. Elevate education.

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