Avant STAMP and Arabic Proficiency Tests Approved

Avant’s most popular online adaptive language proficiency assessment, the STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency has been recommended for college creditby the American Council on Education (ACE).

Individuals attaining at least a Novice-High level are eligible to receive a score-verified badge through Credly, ACE’s badging partner. The designation may be submitted to universities to request credit and/or advanced placement, added to resumes, social media profiles, and provided to employers as proof of proficiency.

Acceptance of Avant STAMP scores for credit or placement is at the discretion of each individual institution and is not guaranteed. Click the button below to see which universities are affiliated with ACE.

Proficiency LevelACE Credit Recommendation
(STAMP Level 3)
(STAMP Level 4)
(STAMP Level 5)
(STAMP Level 6)
(STAMP Level 7)
(STAMP Level 8)
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Avant Digital Badges

Avant digital badges must be requested by the testing organization.

American Council on Education final review report of STAMP 4S
American Council on Education final review report of STAMP 4S

What is ACE and what does their recommendation mean?

The ACE recommendation for credit or endorsement is awarded only after an extensive review for college credit equivalencies and workplace competencies. ACE is the same educational body that has provided credit recommendations to institutions of higher education for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations, Cambridge Assessments, and ACT subject tests. 

The American Council on Education, or ACE, is a higher education membership organization that advocates for effective public policy and fosters innovative, high-quality practice.  Like Avant, ACE strives to improve equity, expand access to higher education, and promote diversity in institutional settings. 

Complementing Higher Education World Language Programs

Accepting ACE-approved STAMP and APT test scores and their corresponding Credly badges is a pathway to many benefits for your university or college: 

  • Increase enrollments in Language Specific Programs and majors, as learners can enter into upper-level courses. 
  • Accelerate learner growth from accurate placement in higher education programs. 
  • Build a bridge between high school and college language programs to aid in recruitment efforts. 
  • Leverage ACE credit for homeschooled student recruitment.
  • Increase access and equity for college entrants!

The University of Texas at Arlington provides a direct pathway for high school and heritage language learners to continue their language studies. Students can test in higher level courses via Avant STAMP. View their sample pathway.

Bridging K-12 to College Language Programs

World language skills are more valuable than ever. Opportunities are expanding for bilingual and multilingual candidates. Show young learners the path to: 

  • Multiple opportunities to apply for college credit with both Avant STAMP and APT tests. 
  • Increased opportunities for study abroad. 
  • Greater access and equity to higher education.
  • Internships with global companies.
  • Higher salaries in the workforce.

Districts/schools, as well as individuals, may test with Avant STAMP and earn the corresponding Credly badge upon submittal and verification of testing scores. 

Individual Language Learners Stand Out with STAMP

Capture attention on a resume, C.V., or college application! Individual learners can test directly with Avant STAMP and our AvantProctor online remote proctoring solution to take advantage of this credit-potential opportunity for a fraction of the cost of college- or university-level language courses. 

Leverage skills and turbocharge learning.

When you can demonstrate language proficiency in a second language, you are freed to enter higher-level courses, unlocking potential for college majors, minors, or even starting third or fourth language acquisition. Save time and money by getting to the outcomes you’re looking for, faster! 

Employers around the world are looking for candidates with language credentials and they’re paying higher wages for it too. Once you’ve taken an Avant STAMP assessment and earned at least a Novice-High score, the corresponding Avant Digital Badge starts to work for you. 

Want to really show off your skills? 

Individuals who earn at least an Intermediate-Mid score are eligible for a Global Seal of Biliteracy– a universal credential with the impact to demonstrate to current and future employers the language proficiency obtained. 

The Global Seal of Biliteracy is not affiliated with ACE and requires a separate application process resulting in a unique serial-numbered credential. Earners are free to add the credential to social media profiles, resumes, or other useful channels. 

 Contact one of our assessment experts to learn how to credential.