Individual Reports include the following sections and information (based on the chosen combination):

  • Reading Section score (generated by Avant)
  • Writing Section score (rated by Avant)
  • Listening Section score (generated by Avant)
  • Speaking Section score (rated by Avant)
  • Composite Score
  • Level Descriptions
  • Suggestions to ‘Power Up’ to the next level

Each test taker’s report has a scoring graphic for each section of the test. It can be an inverted pyramid that has a filled area depicting the level attained, or just a score generated by Avant for self-evaluated Reading and Listening Sections.

Reading and Listening sections will show a scoring graphic once a test taker completes each section.

Writing and Speaking sections will show a  scoring graphic once rating is completed by Avant.

For the Writing and Speaking sections of the test, an additional shaded area will appear if the test taker had one response that rated at a higher level. This serves as an alert that the test taker is operating across a range of proficiency levels with this skill. This situation is quite common for test takers in the Novice and Intermediate ranges, mostly due to limited topic exposure and control.

Level Description field (the text to the right of scores) provides explanation of what test takers at each level are generally able to do.

Suggestions field provides Power Up suggestions to help test takers attain higher levels (see Avant Power Up Guide for more information).

If desired, the Individual Report can be distributed to test takers or parents, along with the Avant STAMP Benchmark & Rubric Guide