Successful startup for the Arabic Proficiency test typically involves people in the following roles:

The Testing Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact and overall coordinator for the testing. Responsibilities include:

The Technology Representative ensures that computers used for testing meet the technical requirements and have the necessary tools for testing. Responsibilities include:

Setup Instructions

When setting up your test groups, we suggest creating groups based on how you wish to have the results grouped together. Avant will create a test code for each group. For example, all Arabic Year 4 test takers could be in one testing group. However, if your school has many classes of Year 4 test takers with multiple instructors and you want to keep your results separate, we would suggest you create one testing group for each classroom of Year 4 test takers per instructor. It is not necessary to put your test takers’ names on the Set-Up Form. When the test takers login to take the test at, the test taker will enter the test code and password (provided by Avant) and a unique Login Name (not provided by Avant). On the next screen, the test taker will be asked to enter his/her first name and last name.

The Login Name can refer to any test taker identifier used by your school. Every test taker must have a unique Login Name to login to the Arabic Proficiency Test. Also, the test taker will need to remember their Login Name to resume an “IN PROGRESS” test. This information can be found in the Proctoring Guide.

If your school does not have unique Student ID numbers for its test takers, a test taker’s first and last name will suffice as long as there are no test takers with the exact same names in one Testing Group.

  • Provide documentation for Arabic Proficiency Test Testing Coordinators, Technology Representatives and Teachers/Proctors.
  • Provide email and phone support to Testing Coordinators, Technology Representatives, Teachers, and Proctors.