This document provides technical information relative to computers and networks to help prepare for using Avant ADVANCE.

Networking Requirements

Client Bandwidth and Domain Names

200 Kbps of available bandwidth per test taker is recommended. Firewalls, Proxy Servers and Content Filters need to be set to NOT proxy, filter or block the Avant domain names on the ports listed below. All inbound and outbound traffic for the applicable domain names shown below must be whitelisted. If your system does not allow whitelisting of domain names, please contact us at support@avantassessment.com.


– (TCP 80, 443) *.avantassessment.com

Equipment Preparation

The following information pertains to setup of the computers that will be used for testing.

Supported Browsers

  • Windows – Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome 5+, Safari 4+
  • Mac – Safari 4+, Chrome 5+
  • ChromeOS – Chrome 5+

Additional Requirements

  • Required Equipment: PC, Mac, Chromebook, headset with microphone, keyboard and mouse.

    Chrome browser users: Please note that there is a security feature in Chrome that may block access to the headset microphone used in the Avant Listening and Speaking sections. Please have students click on the “allow” button at the top of the page to activate the headset microphone, so that it will record. If the “allow” button is not clicked, the headset microphone check will fail and the listening and recording sections will not function properly. For more information, please see this page on Google Chrome Help.
  • Pop-ups need to be enabled.
  • The selected browser must be set to allow cookies.
  • Javascript needs be enabled.

Headset Guidelines

Headsets need to be plugged in before starting the test and test takers should be instructed on how to use the in-line controls on the headsets (if equipped with them).