Successful delivery of an Avant STAMP WS assessment typically involves people in the following roles:

Testing Coordinator

The testing coordinator serves as the primary point of contact and overall coordinator for the testing.

Responsibilities include:

Step 1. Place Your Order
Step 2. Complete and Return Your Set-Up Form
Step 3. Receive Proctor/Results Logins
Step 4. Complete Test Preparation Steps

Step 1. Place Your Order

Testing coordinators will work with an Avant account manager to identify the following and place the order:

  • Number of test takers 
  • Testing window (test access open date and test access end date)
  • Class/Testing groups and languages for each testing group
  • Group rostering controls (rostering controls are available only at the Class/Testing Group level)

Step 2. Complete and Return Your Set-Up Form

You will receive a set-up form from your account manager. Complete your set-up form and provide the following information prior to returning it to Avant:

  • School or location name
  • Class/Testing group name
  • Language for each class/testing group
  • Testing window (test access open date and test access end date)

Step 3. Receive Proctor/Results Logins

Three variations of proctor/results logins are available, with different access levels for each. Contact your account manager if you would like to set up district or school level account logins.

The Avant STAMP WS Proctor/Results Login can be used to:

Step 4. Complete Test Preparation Steps

1. Review information available on these pages:

2. Determine how your organization will use the Login Name field (a required field on the Login Page) and provide instruction to Teachers and Proctors.

Login Name refers to an identifier to be used by your organization. Every test taker must have a unique Login Name. The test taker will need to remember their Login Name to resume an “IN PROGRESS” test.

3. Determine your testing schedule and make lab arrangements.

4. Ensure readiness by working with a Technology Representative

  • Check with your Technology Representative to determine if sufficient bandwidth is available for the size of your testing groups.
  • Let the Technology Representative know which, if any, character-based languages and keyboard styles need to be activated on the computers that will be used for the Writing section of the test.

5. Provide information to test takers:

6. Provide support or arrange to support test takers with the following issues:

Technology Representative

The Technology Representative ensures that computers used for testing meet the technical requirements and have the necessary tools for testing. Responsibilities include:

If a teacher/student/classroom relationship exists, teachers can learn about the test and help test takers do their best by completing the following tasks:

Avant Support Representative

  • Provide training and documentation for Avant STAMP WS Testing Coordinators, Technology Representatives, Teachers, Proctors and Test Takers.
  • Provide email and phone support to Testing Coordinators, Technology Representatives, Teachers and Proctors.

Support Hours (Summer):
Mon-Fri 6:00am – 4:00pm
Pacific Time (UTC/GMT -8)

Support Phone:
Toll Free (US): (888) 713-7887
International: +1 (541) 607-4401