Avant Assessment’s language proficiency tests must be taken in a proctored environment with a proctor who is authorized by the organization sponsoring the test. Read about Test Security and Integrity.

Who Can Be a Proctor?

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Non-acceptable proctors include: parents, guardians, relatives, or anyone with whom the test taker has a personal relationship.

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Acceptable proctors include: school/college educators, hiring managers, and supervisors.

Proctor’s Responsibilities

The proctor’s job is to verify a test taker’s identity and ensure integrity guidelines are followed.

The use of dictionaries, textbooks, cell phones, paper, pens, or other support materials – paper-based or electronic – are not allowed. Test takers’ responses must be spontaneous. Therefore, they are not allowed to write or type a speaking response and read them as a recorded response.

Follow the procedures below to ensure the security and validity of each assessment:

  1. Getting Ready for the Assessment
  2. Beginning the Assessment
  3. During the Assessment
  4. After the Assessment

1. Getting Ready for the Assessment

Equipment Requirements

STAMP is a computer-based assessment. Please refer to the  Assessment Technology Guide for specific requirements.

Take a Sample Test

Take a Sample Test for the language(s) you’re testing to make sure the equipment is working correctly. Check the Assessment Technology Guide if you have any problems.

In sample tests, test takers will not receive a score at the end and they will not experience the computer-adaptive technology as in the actual test.

IMPORTANT: Sample tests allow test takers to experience these security features:

  • Right-click, back button, copy/paste are disabled.
  • Off-page clicking is not allowed. The test taker will be logged out and each instance will be tracked in our system. A test taker will need assistance logging back into the actual test.

Determine your testing schedule

  • Ensure test takers have enough time to complete the assessment. Each Avant STAMP test must be completed within 90 days of the start date. Resets and retakes are not allowed after 90 days of starting the test.
  • Plan testing accommodations for test takers who may need more time than anticipated.
  • Plan possible make-up exams for test takers who miss the original testing date.

Avant will make every attempt to notify users of upcoming scheduled maintenance or other known interruptions of service.

Arrange testing space

Test takers can take the test in the same room using laptops. We suggest using headphones with microphones for the Listening and Speaking sections so the ambient sounds are not distracting. 

Review the Avant Assessment Testing Accommodations

Plan testing accommodations for test takers who may need more time than anticipated. 

Have test codes and passwords ready

Prior to the testing, the testing coordinator will receive Proctor/Results Logins for each testing group. There will be:

  • A test taker test code and password to access an assessment
  • A teacher test code and password to monitor assessment progress and scoring. 

At the beginning of the assessment, the proctor will ask test takers to access the Avant Login page and will provide test takers with the code and password.

Understand the significance of login and profile information

Consistent login and profile information will facilitate accessing test takers’ results in the current year and into the future. Please note that the Login Name and Test Taker ID fields are different. We recommend using a student/employee ID number, email address, or student lunch number for data organization purposes. Review the Test Taker Profile Guide to learn about best practices. 

Ensure test takers have their IDs ready

  • Where appropriate, have a list of authorized test takers and/or ask test takers to provide photo ID.
  • Have ID numbers available, if they are being used for the Test Taker ID field on the profile.

Review the following guides

2. Beginning the Assessment

IMPORTANT: Remove all secondary devices, such as smartphones, extra tablets, and screens from the testing space. Paper, pens/pencils are also not allowed during testing.

Verify a test taker’s identity by checking a photo ID (if the test taker is unknown to the Proctor)

  • Where appropriate, have a list of authorized test takers and/or ask test takers to provide photo ID.
  • Have Test Takers’ ID numbers available, if they are being used for the Test Taker ID field on the profile page.

Ensure test takers are familiar with Rules for Taking an Avant Test

Follow the link to display Rules for Taking an Avant Test.

Make sure to point out that off-page clicking is not allowed. Test takers will be logged out and each instance will be tracked in our system. Test takers will need a proctor’s assistance to log back in to continue the test.

Inform test takers how many questions and prompts they will encounter

Avant STAMP provides a variety of assessments testing skills in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – either all four or a combination of these skills:

  • Reading: approximately 30 multiple choice questions
  • Writing: 3 prompts
  • Listening: approximately 30 multiple choice questions
  • Speaking: 3 prompts

Test takers will have up to 2500 characters (400-600 words) for each Writing response and three (3) minutes of recording time for each Speaking response.

Inform test takers how much time they will have to complete the test

On average, STAMP 4S test takers need around 120 minutes to fully complete the assessment.

  • Reading: 35-40 minutes
  • Writing: 20-25 minutes
  • Listening: 35-40 minutes
  • Speaking: 20-25 minutes

IMPORTANT: Provide test takers instructions for stopping the test at a certain point or directions to continue until the test is complete.

Assist test takers with logging in

The test proctor should provide test takers with the information below:

  • The address for the Avant Test Website (app.avantassessment.com).
  • The testing group’s Test Code.
  • The testing group’s Password.

The information can be written on a whiteboard or projected on a screen. If you decide to distribute this information to test takers on slips of paper, be sure to collect the paper after testing.

Assist test takers with Login Name field (if needed).

Please note that the Login Name and Test Taker ID fields are different. Review the Test Taker Profile Guide to learn about best practices. 

Login Name should be:

  1. Between 1-25 characters long.
  2. Any combination of letters, numbers, or any of the following special characters: @ (at symbol) _ (underscore)  (hyphen) . (period) , (comma)  (single quote).
  3. Unique within the testing group (do not use the Login Name “student”).
Test Taker Login Name
  • Test takers should memorize their login name. If test takers need to stop and continue the test at a later time, they will need to enter their login name exactly as they did the first time.
  • If a test taker has taken the test previously using the same test code, we recommend using the same login name, with the number 2 added at the end.
  • You can use the report to determine how a test taker’s Login Name was entered. See Reporting Guide for more information.

Assist test takers with the Profile Page (if needed)

After test takers enter a Login Name and log in, the Test Taker Profile screen will appear where test takers will need to enter the required fields: First Name, Last Name, and Test Taker ID.

Please note that the Login Name and Test Taker ID fields are different. Review the Test Taker Profile Guide to learn about best practices. 

STAMP Profile

3. During the Assessment

During the testing session, proctors must ensure that testing guidelines are followed.

Avoid distractions

Proctors should pay attention to test takers during the whole assessment. Proctors should not engage in activities that will distract them from actively monitoring test takers:

  • No Devices
  • No Reading
  • No Grading
  • No Eating
  • No Distractions

Keep your focus on test takers

  • Remain in the testing area
  • Assist test takers in resuming the assessments (if needed)
    • The login information will need to be entered exactly as originally entered. 
    • The assessment will resume from the point at which the test taker left off.
    • If the profile screen appears instead, the test taker must STOP the test. This indicates that the Login Name entered this time is different than it was originally entered.
    • If necessary, the teacher or proctor can access the Results Report to look up the test taker’s login name.

Monitor test progress

  • Walk around (do not remain seated at the back of the room)
  • Check screens to make sure test takers are logged in and progressing
  • Check testing progress by accessing the Results Report (such as who has finished and who still needs to work on another section of the test). 

Do random checks

  • Make sure that support materials are NOT used: paper, pens, pencils, cell phones, dictionaries, textbooks, additional windows or applications (such as Word, email or web browsers) or other support materials. Refer to Rules for Taking an Avant Test for more information.
  • Any infractions to the rules are to result in the immediate logging out of the individual test taker’s test by the proctor (by closing the browser), and the suspension of testing for that individual test taker. Such incidents shall be reported to the testing coordinator.

Proctors must know what areas of the assessment they can and cannot assist with

To protect the integrity and validity of the assessment proctors must know what areas of the assessment proctors can and cannot assist test takers with:

Proctors CAN assist test takers with:

  • logging in
  • profile questions
  • technology issues:
    • selecting the writing input language
    • proper use of their headsets
    • computer issues
  • resuming a test

Proctors CANNOT assist test takers with the content of the test:

  • authentic text
  • authentic audio and video
  • answer options

Refer to Avant Assessment Testing Accommodations for more information.

Monitor Time

  • Provide occasional reminders of the time remaining and make sure test takers are on track to complete the test in the allotted time.
  • Breaks can be taken in-between sections. Please assist test takers at resuming the assessment after a break.

4. After the Assessment

Ensure that test takers have completed the test:

Each Avant STAMP test must be completed within 90 days of the start date. Resets and retakes are not allowed after 90 days of starting the test.

Access Results Report to ensure:

  • Test takers have not created unnecessary duplicate test logins. 
  • Test takers have completed the test (if a test taker logs out and doesn’t complete the test, the clock will continue running and will show 999 min).

View test results:

After testing is completed, the test proctor or test coordinator may log in to the Avant Login Page to view test results.

Reading and Listening scores are available immediately. 

Writing and Speaking scores are typically available from 7 to 10 business days after test completion. Scores may be available sooner, so check the test results screen periodically to determine the rating progress. Click on any score to see additional details or to access Writing and Speaking responses. During busy testing times (March-June), scoring may take longer. Please plan accordingly.

After rating is complete, the proctor or test coordinator may print individual test taker reports or download an Excel (.csv) file of test results. See the Download Results section.

Do not allow the test takers to access the report page or see other test taker scores.

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