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How to use Avant STAMP assessments and professional learning to attract and retain top language teachers.

What is TIA?

In 2019, Texas passed legislation to create the Teacher Incentive Allotment. The program aims to make it easier for schools to recruit, retain, and reward talent focused on student outcomes. Teachers are awarded one of three designations: Recognized, Exemplary, or Master. Designations are based 80% on student performance and 20% on teacher observation.

Since then, school districts across the state have applied for this funding and generated an additional $40 million for their districts and teachers to create a performance-based compensation system.

TIA doesn’t just benefit teachers – it benefits the districts that employ them.

90% of funds awarded for student outcomes must stay on the campus that employs the teacher. Each district may receive an additional $3,000 – $32,000 for each teacher employed and earning a TIA designation.

Providing a pathway to success for teachers to create a proficiency-based language program leads to:

  • Growing student achievement year-over-year
  • Increasing funding for all teachers and support staff
  • Bolstering teacher loyalty

How does Avant help?

Avant’s computer adaptive language proficiency assessment, Avant STAMP, provides the valid and reliable data required by the TIA program. Avant MORE Learning provides professional learning on using the data to make curriculum decisions. Avant ADVANCE gives teachers the training they need to understand proficiency and why it matters for helping students achieve the global skills they need.

Here’s how:

YEAR 1: Complete the TIA application and obtain approval.

YEAR 2: Begin collecting data and submit.

YEAR 3: Teachers are designated and compensated.

ONGOING: Continue the cycle of collecting data, training teachers, improving outcomes, and designating teacher awards. Teachers can keep up-leveling their designations year after year to earn more compensation. 

Added bonus: Avant has built a proprietary tool which takes your assessment data and calculates which teachers have met the TIA expectations and at what level. All you have to do is submit the results!

Contact Avant today to learn how you can get started with Avant STAMP and begin to build a world-class language learning program worthy of recognition.

Transform World Language Learning

Avant’s comprehensive solutions can help you meet TIA requirements.

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Assess with Avant STAMP at the beginning of the year for benchmarking and end of the year to measure student growth. Results can be shared with students, parents, and passed to next year’s teachers.


Spark student inspiration to stick with language learning by giving them a substantive goal in the Global Seal of Biliteracy.

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Accelerate teachers’ knowledge and comfort with proficiency with Avant ADVANCE.


Engage in curriculum improvements with Avant MORE Learning.

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Increase teacher satisfaction, improved student outcomes, and reduce turnover.