As we gear up for spring, many of us are reviewing class assessment data, preparing for STAMP assessments, and helping students finalize their Seal of Biliteracy applications. This flurry of reflection, feedback, mid-year momentum often hit me amidst the short and cold days in a Wyoming January. It was dark when I got to school and it was dark when I left! 

So, as a gift from one educator to another in the January season, I would like to share a resource that can support your planning, enhance your instruction, and empower your students with an extra burst of motivation. We created a free resource – called the Power Up Guide – to help language teachers and language learners.

This guide uses student-friendly language to describe what students are doing well and it gives many tips, strategies, and encouragement to focus and multiply future efforts – both yours and your students. Bonus: we have them in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic!

To hear how one teacher uses the Avant Power Up Guide in action, listen to this inaugural episode of the All Things Arabic podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Our Power Up guides can be found here. As far as we are concerned language educators hang the moon and stars!

Brandee Mau, Director of STAMP WS Rating and DLI Specialist

About The Author

Brandee joined Avant after eight years as a German and Russian Dual Language Immersion director in Utah and 16 years as a Wyoming high school German teacher and district curriculum facilitator.