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Matt Rega with proficiency ring

In our most recent webinar, we dove into the transformative world of language immersion programs, showcasing a dynamic discussion led by Dr. Matt Rega, Director of Assessment and Evaluation at Minnetonka Public Schools. Minnetonka is reshaping how language learning integrates into K-12 and beyond.

If you’re passionate about education and the impact of immersive learning, this webinar is a treasure trove of insights and practical strategies, perfect for educators, administrators, and policy-makers.

The Structure of Success

Our discussion began with an in-depth look at a robust language immersion system, extending from elementary through high school. With programs in Spanish and Chinese that start as early as kindergarten, Dr. Rega outlined the progression and scaling of language immersion across different educational stages. The model described supports linguistic and cultural proficiency, which becomes increasingly sophisticated with each educational transition.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

A significant highlight was the adaptive nature of these programs. Changes to curriculum and assessment approaches are made regularly based on real-time data and emerging educational research. This iterative process ensures that the language immersion program remains responsive to student needs and educational standards, making the discussion particularly relevant for educators looking to implement or update their own language programs.

A Guide to Assessments and Outcomes

Moreover, the webinar provided a roadmap for integrating balanced assessments that gauge student progress comprehensively. From external benchmarks to daily formative assessments, Dr. Rega shared Minnetonka’s strategies for maintaining a balanced assessment system that supports student learning without overwhelming them.

Why You Should Watch

Whether starting a language immersion program from scratch or refining an existing one, the practical tips shared in this webinar by a seasoned educator’s programmatic success over more than a decade can guide significant improvements in your approach. You’ll gain insights into structuring programs that grow with students, designing assessments that truly measure educational impact and much more.

If these themes resonate with your educational goals, watch the full webinar. Discover strategies to help you build or enhance a language immersion program that teaches language and fosters a deeper understanding of cultural nuances.

Watch the full webinar to get started on transforming your language education approach today!