One year
$9200 Up to 25 teachers. Canvas platform seat license: $12/ participant (required).

PART ONE: Assessment and Instructional Practices that Lead to Proficiency

In this highly interactive virtual series, participants will explore and examine best practices (e.g. instructional model, comprehensible input, staying in the target language, communicative teaching and learning) that support strong instruction and assessment while also increasing language proficiency outcomes.

PART TWO: Understanding Your Data and Applying Effective Data-Informed Practices

Participants will learn how to unpack their performance and/or proficiency data, analyze it and use it to plan for and/or advocate for the needs of their language program and learners.

This professional learning series includes six (6) recorded training modules and six (6) accompanying coaching sessions for each module, for a total of 12 sessions. These modules may be delivered live or asynchronously for viewing by teachers. Following these sessions, teachers will meet for synchronous virtual sessions to debrief, demonstrate and reflect on their learning with an Avant MORE Learning Proficiency Specialist.

Format: Virtual
One year
$9200 for up to 25 teachers. Canvas platform seat license: $12/ participant (required).

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