group photo holding Seal of Biliteracy.EUGENE, OR (February 15, 2018) (Updated) – As the number of states and school districts adopting the “Seal of Biliteracy” has increased dramatically across the country, a language assessment company has announced a new promotion to increase equity and access to testing to evaluate students’ world language proficiency skills.Avant Assessment, the country’s leading world language proficiency assessment company, announced that it will now offer its STAMP 4S assessment at a reduced rate to school districts that sign up to provide testing for the Seal of Biliteracy. The goal is to increase the number of students able to achieve their “Seal of Biliteracy,” a lifelong award that will help them in higher education and/or the workforce.

In the last month, Michigan and Tennessee have adopted Seal of Biliteracy programs, bringing the total number of states offering these programs to 40 states plus the District of Columbia.

“In today’s global economy and multicultural society, language skills are as valuable as math and science,” Avant founder and CEO David Bong said. “That is why so many states are adopting the Seal of Biliteracy to help students demonstrate their proficiency level to colleges and future employers. We have announced this new offer to expand the number of schools that can afford to offer this assessment to their students, and increase the number of students able to receive their Seal.”

The Seal of Biliteracy is an award given by school districts to students who have achieved a level of proficiency in English and one or more languages by the time of their high school graduation. This is a life-long award that serve as a proof-point to colleges or employers of a student’s language proficiency. In order to receive the Seal, students must demonstrate a level of proficiency by an approved assessment program.

Avant’s STAMP assessment is the leading language proficiency assessment in the world, giving schools, teachers, and parents the only true picture of students’ world language proficiency skills providing teachers and schools with accurate data to improve their programs and learning outcomes.

Unlike some assessments, Avant STAMP does not allow for teaching to a test and does not require teachers to place students into designated testing paths before they start, allowing students to demonstrate their true proficiency level without any prior limitations placed on them.

About Avant Founded in Eugene, Oregon at the University of Oregon, Avant Assessment is the world’s leading language proficiency company. At Avant, we believe we can change the world through language proficiency. Our assessments are designed to deliver a true picture of a student’s language skills, and support teachers in their work to help students reach their potential